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Guangzhou Certitek Testing Services Co.,Ltd. was established in 2006, is CNAS Accredited Lab for IT, AV, Lighting, household appliance, Cable and Electrical accessories. We have the professional engineer team, we are CQC ’s cooperate partner, we can provide the professional and high-speed certification service for the enterprise, including CCC、CE、UL、VDE、SASO、 SONCAP、GOST、INMETRO、SAA、PSE、KC and so on.

In order to ensure our efficient service quality, we maintain close cooperation with many domestic laboratories.Like CVC, China Electronic Product Reliability and Environmental Testing Research Institute, Guangdong Testing Institute of Product Quality Supervision, CQC South China Testing Technology Co., Ltd., CCIS and so on. At the same time, we are the Witness Test Data Program of UL, VDE, TUV and IMQ. We also maintains long-term cooperation with international organizations such as SAA, JET, and KTL. In some product areas, our test reports can be directly approved by the above institutions.


Compared with other peers, as an independent private laboratory, electrical accessory testing is a major feature of our testing services. Our service advantages:


1. Our CNAS coverage includes plug and socket, wall switch, appliance switch, wire assembly, connector, coupler, mounting box, terminal block and other parts.

2. We can provide third-party commissioned testing, CCC annual confirmatory testing and international certification testing services.

3. The test report issued by our company can be directly recognized by the issuing agencies such as SAA, SASO, SONCAP and PVOC.

4. We has extensive experience in VDE, UL, PSE, CCC and other certifications and can provide a fast access to certification.

5. We has a team of professional engineers who can provide sample production coaching and defect rectification services.

6. After the company is certified, we can still provide long-term following up services.


Our laboratory testing capabilities - including national standards, European, Australian, Brazilian standards


 - Plug and socket( GB2099,IEC60884,DIN VDE0620,AS/NZS3112,ABNT NBR NM60884)

 - switch( GB16915,IEC60669,EN60669,AS/NZS60669)

 - Coupler(GB17465,IEC60320,EN60320,AS/NZS 60320)

 - Terminals(GB 13140,IEC 60998, EN 60998)

- Cable(GB5013, GB5023,IEC 60245, IEC 60227, EN50525)

 - Appliance switch(GB 15092,EN 61058,AS61058)

 - ounting box, material testing, etc.。


 It is a great honor for CTK to provide the services you need.



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