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Sales representative (several)
Job Responsibilities
1. Maintain and develop new sales channels, independently develop and tap new customers;
2. Visit new and old customers on business trips and negotiate business;
3. Responsible for following up daily inquiries, communicating with customers to complete quotations, negotiation and signing of contract terms, etc.;
4. Complete the number of telephone lists required per month;
5. Complete the annual sales plan formulated by the company;
6. Maintain good communication with customers, actively understand customer certification needs, maintain old customers, and lock new customers;

job requirements
1. Technical secondary school or above, 22-35 years old, no gender limit;
2. Work attitude is proactive, conscientious and practical, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, and have motivation;
3. Have teamwork spirit and strong ability to withstand pressure;
4. Strong oral and written expression skills, good at communicating with customers;
5. Have more than one year of sales experience and know how to develop business.
6. Relevant experience is preferred;

Customer Service Specialist (2)
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the follow-up of the company's domestic, domestic and foreign product certification project progress;
2. Responsible for following up all the documents, contracts, payment and other work before, during and after the project with the customer;
3. Responsible for communication and coordination with certification bodies and customers;
4. Responsible for following up customer contact and coordination work, processing papers and materials, opening records, etc.;
5. Responsible for collecting project-related samples, assigning engineers to follow up the sample testing, and communicating with customers on the progress of the report in a timely manner.

job requirements:
1. Female, college degree or above, can be trained as fresh graduates;
2. Have strong communication skills with customers, and have a positive working attitude and initiative;
3. Strong verbal and written communication skills, basic English correspondence is preferred;
4. Working experience in related industries is preferred. 

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