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Certitek testing can accept domestic and abroad commissioned testing and certification of mechanical products.


1. mechanical product definition

1)  ‘machinery’ means: (an assembly, fitted with or intended to be fitted with a drive system other than directly applied humanor animal effort, consisting of linked parts or components, at least one of which moves, and which are joined together for a specific application,

2)  interchangeable equipment;

3)  safety components;

4)  lifting accessories;

5) chains, ropes and webbing;

6) removable mechanical transmission devices;

7) partly completed machinery.

2. The Following are Excluded from the Scope of Machinery

1)  safety components intended to be used as spare parts to replace identical components and supplied by the manufacturer of the original machinery;

2)  specific equipment for use in fairgrounds and/or amusement parks;

3)  machinery specially designed or put into service for nuclear purposes which, in the event of failure, may result in anemission of radioactivity;

4)  weapons, including firearms;

5)   the following means of transport:(For details, see the directive documents)

6)  seagoing vessels and mobile offshore units and machinery installed on board such vessels and/or units;

7)  machinery specially designed and constructed for military or police purposes;

8)  machinery specially designed and constructed for research purposes for temporary use in laboratories;

9)  mine winding gear;

10) machinery intended to move performers during artistic performances;

11)   electrical and electronic products falling within the following areas, States relating to electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limit

     a) household appliances intended for domestic use,

     b) audio and video equipment,

     c) information technology equipment,

     d) ordinary office machinery,

     e) low-voltage switchgear and control gear,

     f)  electric motors;

12) the following types of high-voltage electrical equipment:

     a)  switch gear and control gear,

     b)  transformers.


3.       Test standard

GB/T 15706, EN 12100, ISO 12100, GB 5226.1, EN 60204-1, IEC 60204-1 and so on.


4.       Mechanical product test content

1) Risk assessment (mechanical, electrical, thermal, noise, vibration, radiation, materials/dust/smoke/gas, ergonomic, environmental hazard);

2) Risk protection;

3) Maintenance requirements;

4) Power source, product environment, handling, storage and installation safety;

5) Power access and disconnection switch safety;

6) Electric shock protection safety;

7) Protection of electrical equipment;

 8) Equipotential bonding;

 9)  Control circuit and control functions;

10)    Operation panel and control device;

11)    Control equipment;

12)    Wires and cables;

13)    Wiring and wiring requirements;

 14)    Electric motors and similar equipment;

 15)    Main components and local lighting;

 16)    Safety signs requirements: warning signs, function signs, equipment marks;

 17)    Technical documents;

 18)    Ground continuity, insulation, withstand voltage, residual voltage and functional test.


5.       Common mechanical products

1)     Metal processing machinery: metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machines.

2)     Food Machinery: Milling machine, dough mixer, pie and pastry machinery, meat processing machinery.

3)     Plastic and rubber machinery: plastic injection molding machine, extruder, hot mold machine, pulverizer, film blowing machine.

4)     Woodworking machinery: woodworking machine tools, laminating machines, large sawing machines.

5)     Printing, paper and board machinery: printing presses, finishing machines, paper cutters, folding machines, roll paper and longitudinal slitting machines, folding box bonding machines, paper and cardboard setting machines.

6)     Inspection/testing machine: Coordinate measuring machine, measuring device during processing.

7)     Material handling machinery: industrial robots, transportation machinery, conveyor belts, storage and extraction machinery.

8)     Textile machinery.

9)     Washing machine.

10)   Refrigeration and air conditioning machinery.

11)   Heating and ventilation machinery.

12)   Leather/Imitation Leather Products and Footwear Machinery: Scissors, rough rolling, scrubbing, grinding, dressing, brushing, shoe and shoe molding machines, shoe lasting machines.

13)   Construction and building materials machinery: tunnelling machinery, concrete machinery, brick making machines, rock processing, ceramics, glass making machines.

14)   Hoisting machinery: cranes, cranes.

15)   Mobile machinery: woodworking machinery, metal processing machinery.

16)   Personnel transport machinery: escalators, cable cars, chair lifts, ski lifts, passenger lifts.

17)   Movable machinery: lifts, forklifts, construction machinery.

18)   Power door.

19)   Molten metal thermal processing machinery.

20)   Leisure machinery: a long ride on the playground.

21)   Shoemaking machinery: multi-roller machine, belt knife machine, hydraulic tanning machine.

22)   Pumps.

23)   Mining and quarrying machinery (mining machinery).

24)   Agriculture and forestry machinery.



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