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Us UL certificationUL is short for Underwriter Laboratories Inc. UL safety testing institute is the most authoritative institute in the United States,and is a large private organization engaged in safety testing and identification. It's an independent, nonprofit, professional organization that does experiments for public safety. It USES scientific testing methods to study and determine whether various materials, devices, products, equipment, buildings and so on are harmful to life and property and the degree of harm; To determine, compile and publish relevant standards and information to reduce and prevent loss of life and property, and to conduct fact-finding business. In short, it is mainly engaged in product safety certification and operation of safety certification business, and its ultimate goal is to obtain products with a relatively safe level for the market, and to contribute to the guarantee of human health and property safety. As an effective means to eliminate technical barriers to international trade, UL plays an active role in promoting the development of international trade.


1. UL certification classification

UL column name: for full product and qualified personnel to replace or install various devices or devices on site. Such as: IT equipment, AV equipment, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner and other electrical equipment.

UL accreditation: a safety certification mainly for components and materials. For example: switch, power supply, printed edition, transformer, wire, plug, plastic material.

UL rating: a safety certification procedure for assessing the risk and other special properties of products used in commercial or industrial environments. Such as: building materials, various fire protection equipment and navigation equipment, chemicals.

UL multiple listing: when an UL applicant obtains the above listing, endorsement, or grading services, the product is produced in the name of another company to meet the needs of the sale, it may apply for multiple listing, multiple listing or multiple grading services. "AL" listing, accreditation, or hierarchical service. If an UL applicant does not wish to use his company's name to obtain listing, recognition or classification services, he may apply for listing, recognition or classification services in the name of another firm (usually a retailer or wholesaler), i.e. "AL" listing, recognition or classification service. The difference with multiple listing, multiple recognition, or multiple rating services is that the applicant is not listed as a celebrity.


2.The information required for UL certification

Company information: provide detailed and accurate name, address, contact person, postal code, telephone number and fax of the following company in both Chinese and English.

1) application company: the company that applies for product testing and is responsible for all engineering service fees

2) listed companies: companies whose names are listed in the various product catalogs published by UL

3) production factory: manufacturer and producer of products.

Product information: product information should be provided in English. First determine whether your product is within the scope of UL detection:

1) product name: provide the full name of the product.

2) product model: please specify all product models, varieties or classification Numbers that need to be tested.

    intended use of the product: such as home, office, factory, coal mine, ship, etc.

3) parts table: detail the parts and models (classification number), rating and name of the manufacturer of the products. For insulation materials, please provide the name of the raw materials, such as: GEPolycarbonate, LexanType104. When the component has been certified or recognized by UL, please prove the specific type of the component and indicate its UL file number.

4) electrical performance: for electronic and electrical products. Provide electrical schematic diagram (circuit diagram), electrical performance meter.

5) structure diagram: for most products, it is necessary to provide the structure diagram or explosion diagram, ingredient list, etc.

6) product photos, instructions for use, safety items, installation instructions, etc.


3.How to use UL logo

For the different types of service of UL, UL marks can be divided into three categories, namely column name, classification and recognition mark. The most important component of these marks is the image symbol of UL, which is the registered trademark of UL. Three symbols are used on products of three different services. They cannot be mixed, otherwise they can be regarded as fake products. Because hierarchical marking is relatively rare in China, only two types of marking are described below. UL's service is based not only on the us UL standard, but also on the Canadian standard (c-ul). Therefore, the UL mark is also divided into three categories, namely, UL mark and c-ul product, and both of them satisfy three categories. The various marks are shown in the following table:

Note: prior to January 2008, UL and c-ul labels can be added to products listed or approved for both UL and c-ul, but by 2008, the third column in the table must be used.


4. Certitek’s advantage

Certtitek has obtained the WTDP authorization of ul60950-1 and UL60065, that is, all predicted trials and target tests can be completed in Certitek laboratory, which greatly shortens the certification cycle and enables your product to enter the international market in a shorter time.

Our company has accumulated more than ten years of experience in UL testing service of wires, plugs, thermostats, switches, connectors, capacitors, motors, relays, lamps, lamp bases, transformers, switches, terminals, rectifiers, solar energy connectors, junction boxes, adhesive labels, plastic particles, circuit boards and other products. You only need to prepare the basic product information, we can tell you the required information, according to the standards and testing focus and provide full service for you;

5. featured services

Based on the cooperation with UL for many years, we are familiar with the testing requirements and process of most of the products tested by UL. We can provide our customers with a one-stop service of UL testing from sample making to consulting agency.

Depending on your request, we can offer you the free choice of UL test lab outside China (USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan).


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