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SASO is short for the English word Saudi Arabian Standards Organization, or saudi-arabian Standards Organization. SASO is responsible for the development of national standards for all commodities and products, including measurement systems, labels, etc. In fact, much of the SASO standard is based on the safety standards of relevant international organizations such as the international electrotechnical commission (IEC). Like many other countries, Saudi Arabia adds unique items to its standards based on civil and industrial voltage, geography and climate, and ethnic and religious practices. To protect consumers, the SASO standard applies not only to products imported from abroad, but also to products made in Saudi Arabia.

Conformity certification

Conformity certification in international trade refers to the certification activities carried out by designated or recognized inspection certification companies, with the cooperation of traders, for the goods exported to a specific country, according to the officially recognized standards of the country of destination (place), through testing (if necessary), file review and pre-shipment inspection. Only by obtaining a certified certificate can an importer be able to obtain goods at the customs of the country (place) of destination.

Certification process

1) confirm that the product belongs to the scope of certification and applicable standards

2) the exporter submits the existing test report

3) pay the certification fee

4) file review by Bv

5) test or control test (if required)

6) inspect the goods before shipment

7) destination inspection (if any)

8) Issue certificates.

Certification mark

Documents require

Final invoice, packing list, scanning copy (or facsimile) of the first bill of lading required by part of the country of destination, and statement of loading required by part of the country of destination as follows:

1) the invoice must contain the name, detailed address and telephone number of the importer and exporter, and must be signed or sealed; The invoice must indicate the total FOB price and specify the FOB price for each line of goods separately.

2) the brand and model of the product shall be listed, and the detailed description and specification of the product shall be listed as far as possible. HS code (at least first 6 digits) for each item number. This requirement is not limited to form and can be listed in separate mails or attached to invoices.

3) if there are more than 5 items/goods of the invoice, please provide the Excel/word file of the invoice at the same time, so as to speed up the issuance of the certification.

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