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To prevent users from becoming dangerous after purchasing household appliances, the risks include electric shock hazard, heat hazard, fire hazard, mechanical hazard, energy hazard and radiation hazard. Household appliances need to be tested, and the testing of home appliances includes the selection of test standards and test content.

1. household appliances testing standards

The test standards for home appliances include safety test standards for home appliances and EMC test standards. Safety test standards include general and special standards. The general standard is GB4706.1 General requirements for safety of household and similar electrical appliances. The special standard is GB 4706.X (see attached table). EMC test standard is GB 4343.1-2009 "Electromagnetic compatibility of household appliances, power tools and similar appliances - Part 1: Transmission, GB 17625.1-2012 Electromagnetic compatibility limit harmonic current emission limit (device input current per phase ≤ 16A) 》.


Common testing standards for small household appliances

product name

GB 4706.2 Special requirements for electric irons

Steam iron, pressure steam iron, open steam iron, fast steam iron, cordless iron

GB 4706.7 Special requirements for vacuum cleaners and water-absorbent cleaning equipment

Various vacuum cleaners, water suction vacuum cleaners

GB 4706.8 Special requirements for electric blankets, electric heating pads and similar flexible heating appliances

Electric blanket, electric heating, electric heating pad, electric heating pad

GB 4706.9 Special requirements for razors, hair clippers and similar appliances

Animal clippers, animal hair clippers, washable razors, wet razors

GB 4706.10 Special requirements for massage appliances

Foot massager, hand-held massager, massage bed, massage chair, massage belt, massage cushion, water-filled foot massager

GB 4706.14 Special requirements for bread toasters, grills, electric ovens and similar appliances

Indoor grill, bread machine, contact grill, electric cooker, food dehydrator, stove top, portable electric oven, cheese grill, radiant grill, electric oven, rotating grill, barbecue fork, bread toaster, Waffle maker

GB 4706.15 Special requirements for skin and hair care appliances

Hair curlers, curling irons, facial saunas, hand dryers, hair dryers (hair dryers), hair stylists, heaters with detachable curlers

GB 4706.19 Special requirements for liquid heaters

Coffee maker, cooking pan, egg cooker, electric kettle and other water heaters, boiling water, rated capacity not exceeding 10L, hot milk, feeding bottle heater, pressure cooker, saucepan, steamer, boiling sterilizer, yogurt machine

GB 4706.21 Special requirements for microwave ovens

General microwave oven, combined microwave oven

GB 4706.22 Standing electric cooktops, cooktops, ovens and similar appliances

Standing electric cooktops, cooktops, ovens and similar appliances

GB 4706.23 Special requirements for indoor heaters

Convection heaters, fan heaters, heaters used in greenhouses, liquid filled radiators, plate heaters, radiant heaters, tubular heaters

GB 4706.27 Special requirements for fans

Turning fan, floor fan, table fan, wall fan, ceiling fan, cooling fan, ceiling fan, clip fan, air curtain fan, ducted ventilation fan, partition wall ventilation fan

GB 4706.28 Special requirements for range hoods

Various range hoods

GB 4706.29 Special requirements for induction cooktops

Portable induction cooker

GB 4706.30 Special requirements for kitchen machinery

Bean slicer, juice extractor, agitator, can opener, centrifugal juicer, churn, coffee machine, food mixer, food processor, sharpener, meat grinder, pasta machine Potato peeling machine

GB 4706.45 Special requirements for air purifiers

Various air purifiers

GB 4706.48 Special requirements for humidifiers

Various humidifiers, appliances for atomizing water, appliances for evaporating water, appliances for blowing air through humid media

GB 4706.56 

Special requirements for deep fat fryers, frying pans and similar appliances

Deep fryer, frying pan, wok

GB 4706.57 Special requirements for floor treatment machines and wet scrubbers

Floor buffer, floor polisher, floor polisher, floor scrubber, carpet cleaner, indoor cleaner

GB 4706.5 Special requirements for oral hygiene appliances

Oral irrigator, electric toothbrush

GB 4706.66  Special requirements for pumps

Aquarium pump, garden pond pump, shower propulsion pump, sewage pump, submersible pump, shelving fountain pump, vertical drain pump

GB 4706.74 Special requirements for sewing machines

Various charged sewing machines

GB 4706.84 Special requirements for fabric steam engines

Various fabric steam engines

Common household electrical special testing standards


product name

GB 4706.11 Special requirements for fast-heating water heaters

Quick water heater, enclosed water heater, open water heater

GB 4706.12 Special requirements for water storage electric water heaters

Various water storage type electric water heaters

GB 4706.13 Special requirements for refrigeration appliances, ice cream machines and ice machines

Refrigerator, ice cream machine, ice machine

GB 4706.17 Special requirements for electric motors - compressors

Fully enclosed motor-compressor, semi-closed motor-compressor

GB 4706.20 Special requirements for tumble dryers

Various of dryers

GB 4706.24 Special requirements for washing machines

Various of washing machines

GB 4706.25 Special requirements for dishwashers

Various of dishwashers

GB 4706.26 Special requirements for centrifugal dewatering machines

Various of centrifugal dewatering machines

GB 4706.32 Special requirements for heat pumps, air conditioners and dehumidifiers

Air conditioner, heat pump, dehumidifier


2. Test content of household appliances

1) :The test content of household appliances includes pre-testing and testing. Pre-testing refers to the inspection of products that meet the requirements of the standard before testing, mainly including the following three aspects:

    ▶  Product label, used signs, instructions check

    ▶  Product appearance and internal structure inspection

    ▶  Certificate inspection of internal parts of products

2): After the product is pre-tested, it is tested for safety and EMC (some home appliances are applicable). Safety testing mainly includes the following five aspects

       ▶  Input power (or current) test

       ▶  Normal working heat (temperature) test

       ▶  Leakage current and high voltage test

       ▶  Abnormal test

       ▶  Heat and flame resistance testing of non-metallic materials

  3): EMC testing is electromagnetic compatibility testing, including electromagnetic field interference size EMI testing and anti-interference ability EMS testing. The EMI test includes the following two aspects:

       ▶  RE (radiation, emission) testing, CE (conducted interference) testing

       ▶  Harmonic testing, Flicker testing

  4):. The EMS test includes the following four aspects:

       ▶  ESD(Static electricity)testing、EFT(Transient impulse interference) testing

       ▶  DIP(Voltage drop)testing、CS(Conducted anti-jamming)testing

       ▶  RS(Radiation immunity)testing、Surge(Surge lightning) testing

       ▶  PMS(Power frequency magnetic field immunity)testing


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