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VDE(Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker)was founded in 1893, one of the most important function is to draw up the German national industrial standards (DIN standard). VDE Testing & Certification Institute was founded in 1920, which is under the Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker, located in Offenbach, Germany. It as one of the most authoritative professional testing and certification institutions in the world, according to the DIN VDE standards or EN standards, IEC standards to do related testing for the products. VDE mark is treated as the most authoritative professional logo in the Electronic and electrical field, is a symbol of good quality. VDE Testing & Certification Institute has completed more than 18,000 certification projects for nearly 2,000 German companies and nearly 3,000 foreign customers each year. So far, 200,000 electrical products in nearly 50 countries around the world have received the VDE mark.


1. VDE mark


2. Certification process

     1) Application and project confirmation;

     2) Sample provided and type testing

     3) Pre-certification factory inspection;

     4) Obtain the certificate

     5)  Annual inspection

3. Documents required

    1) Model, rating, drawing, material list

    2) VDE application forms

    3) VDE data sheet

4. Advantage for Certitek

    1) Assist to produce the sample

    2) Handling the urgent case

    3) Have a good relation ship with VDE, can help the clients get the VDE mark in a short time.



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