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1. Testing training

Provide training services for safety testing of household appliances, electrical accessories, wires and cables, audio and video equipment, information equipment, lamps and lanterns equipment, machinery equipment, etc.

2. Standard interpretation

Provide training for national standards and safety standards of various countries, help customers master the requirements of standards, as well as the different requirements of national standards, and protect the quality of customers' products.

3. Standard edition change

The updated standards are interpreted according to the updated standards of the national standards and the differences between the new standards and the new standards, as well as the latest matters needing attention.

4. National certification training

According to different countries and markets, the requirements of product certification are interpreted, and the matters needing attention in the certification process, the certification process and the differences among countries are publicized.

5. System management training

Provide ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, OHSAS18001 and other quality management systems and training work to help enterprises improve their management level.

6. Factory inspection training

Provide factory inspection and training services in the certification process of UL, CE, ETL, CCC, etc.


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