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As a CNAS Accredited professional testing Lab, CTK provide the professional & speedy testing and certification service for Cables, Plugs and Connectors. Including the VDE, CCC, UL, CE, PSE, INMETRO, SNI, SASO, SONCAP, GOST-R(EAC)certifications.

1. CTK’s advantage

1)As a CNAS accredited wire and cable laboratory, we can issue the testing report according to the GB, EN, AS/NZS standards and Annual inspection test report for CCC and VDE.

2)Our test report can be accepted by the Organization to issue the SAA, SASO, SONCAP certificates.
3)We can offer the test sample and service for on-site sample production.
4)We have close cooperation with VDE, CQC and UL, can offer the Expedited Service.

5)After the enterprise is certified, we can also provide the annual following service, including to assist the enterprise to build up the certificate documents, standards database, Factory review counseling, certificate renewal and so on.

6)We can provide the Certification knowledge and factory review knowledge training service.

2. Testing scope

 1)Cable -  GB5023,GB5013,EN 50525,UL758,UL62,UL1581…
 2)Plug and socket - GB2099, DIN VDE 0620,IEC60884, UL817,UL493...


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