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Saida inspection sincerely provides the following inspection services:

1. Factory evaluation

In order to select the correct supplier in the procurement stage, the buyer hopes that the supplier can deliver the goods on time and guarantee the quality of the products, and some special requirements require the manufacturer to have a certain quality level. To reduce the purchasing risk through factory evaluation to understand the production capacity and production conditions of the factory. We will evaluate the following aspects and present the factory evaluation report and relevant digital photos after completion:

Basic information of manufacturers

Quality control system

Management system

Human resources

Productive capacity

Production machine equipment

Production process and production site

Production environment

To product quality

2. Inspection at the initial stage of production

In the initial stage of production, based on the product description and reference samples provided by the customer, we conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the raw materials, parts, parts and semi-finished products that will be put into production.

What's the role of inspection in the initial production period?

 CTK provide early production inspection to when you to product requirements if embodied in the product manufacturing process.

 CTK at the beginning of the production of raw materials and parts inspection, to predict possible problems in production, and put forward solutions.

The preliminary inspection of production will help you to know whether the factory has a clear understanding of the product requirements, and to strictly follow the production process to avoid possible risks in time.

Key points of initial production inspection:

Raw materials and spare parts

 production equipment, production line and production capacity

Testing equipment is based on testing ability

Half a product is better than half a finished product

Production environment

3. Mid-term inspection

Production completed 20% - 30%, the customer to understand progress and quality of the products, we according to your product specifications and technical requirements, to produce the quality of semi-finished products and finished goods inspection, and issue the test report, to confirm the quality of the products, functions, features, technical requirements, production schedule, production capacity, the packing and other basic requirements whether can keep consistent in the whole process. Colleagues are also encouraged to find non-conformance this morning and make improvements to reduce the risk of factory late delivery.

4. Inspection before shipment

The pre-shipment inspection means that when the product is 100% complete, packed and ready for shipment, we will carry out random sampling inspection according to the international general sampling standard and issue the inspection report. The report will fully reflect the shipment quantity, packaging and quality of the products.

Check points:

Quantity delivered

 product styles, sizes and colors

Product appearance

product features, quality and safety

Packaging complete and packaging details

Packing mark and other information

5. Total inspection

Total inspection is defined as a business trip to a production plant for inspection, that is, a business trip for inspection or full inspection.

according to the products of the order number and inspection time, confirm the inspection number, according to the guests arrive at the appointed place of the inspection or factory specified time, provided by the factory inspection, in accordance with the inspection standard book, 100% of products inspection. After the full inspection, the quality goods will be packed into the box by the factory staff, and the inspection QC will be responsible for the supervision and confirmation of the packaging process, so as to prevent foreign matters or defective products from mixing and confirm the packaging method and quantity. Or, after the inspection of quality goods by our company's personnel to complete the packaging. Put a seal and stamp the qualified seal on the outer box of the good product without any problem.

 in order to guarantee the shipment time under the premise of can ensure the quality of goods again, to send personnel to factory inspection, make the product quality problems can be on the scene quickly confirmed, quickly investigate the reason and countermeasure is made, the implementation process. Minimize damage from problems.

 in order to better ensure the quality of the goods after inspection, inspection and packing must be synchronized. That is, before the inspectors leave the inspection site, the inspected products must be packed into boxes under the supervision of the inspection QC. Prevent the factory from packing defects into boxes.

 suitable for goods are:

The comparison is tense

 plastic products production, toys inspected, clothing production, footwear inspected. The umbrella before shipping

Transportation of unsafe goods

The first cooperative production factory

Can provide the inspection site and equipment, etc

6. Inclusion in inspection

The included inspection means that the customer sends the product from the factory to the quality inspection factory. After 100% inspection of the product according to the customer's requirements, the quality product is packed in accordance with the packaging pattern book, and the outer box is sealed with our company's seal and seal, and loaded into the container for shipment. Features: can effectively ensure product quality, the factory can flexibly arrange time and control output according to the factory's incoming materials, meet customer requirements and timely shipment.

Details of the included inspection are as follows:

 when inquiry need to offer the picture of the product, check the benchmark, detailed packing instructions, inspection requirements, different packaging method will directly affect the unit price.

 daily production situation, the inspection will be on the second day prepare to use report and mail the form of a report to the customer, let the customer know production situation in time.

 provide report: all inspection report along with photos, correlation inspection report, process pictures show.

7. Container supervision

Container supervision is to ensure the correctness and safety of the quantity of containers loaded. The quantity of products, packaging information and the process of loading containers will be checked at the factory, warehouse or loading place.

record the weather situation, the container arrived in time, container number and license plate number;

check container internal and external situation whether there is any damage, wet, and special smell;

check the container number and record product packaging products, random sample of some products; check whether products conform to the requirements of the customers;

Supervise the loading process, record the seal and container departure time.


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