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Information technology equipment, including commercial electrical equipment and related equipment, whose rated working voltage cannot exceed 600V. Such as:

1. Telecom terminal equipment and telecom network infrastructure equipment;

2. Direct connection, or use as cable distribution system in infrastructure equipment;

3. Equipment using ac grid power supply as communication transmission medium;

4. Parts and components to be included in information technology equipment, such as power adapter;

一、Specific products are shown in the table below

     General product type


Bank equipment

Money processing equipment, including automatic teller machines (financial services) (atms)

Data and text processing instruments and related equipment

Data processing equipment, data storage equipment, personal computers, plotters, printers, scanners, word processing equipment, visual display units

Data network equipment

Bridge, data circuit terminal equipment, data terminal equipment, router

Electrical and electronic retail equipment

cash register,point of sale terminal, including related electronic scale

Electrical and electronic office equipment

Calculator, photocopier, recording equipment, file grinder, copier, rubber, microoffice equipment, electric paper cutting (punch press, cutter, separator), paper jogger, pencil sharpener, stapler, typewriter

Other information technology equipment

Photo printing equipment, public information terminal, multimedia equipment

The postal equipment

Mail processing equipment, postage machine

Telecommunications network infrastructure equipment 

Billing equipment, multiplexer, network power supply equipment, network terminal equipment, wireless base station, repeater, transmission equipment, communication switching equipment

Telecommunication terminal equipment

Fax devices, keyed telephone systems, modems, SPC switches, pages

Telephone answering machine, telephone (wired and wireless) equipment

二、Applicable standards

GB 4943.1 IEC/EN 60950-1

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