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The international organization for standardization (ISO) established the technical committee for quality management and quality assurance (TC176) in 1979, which is responsible for the formulation of quality management and quality assurance standards. Since its release in 1987, ISO9000 series of standards have experienced the modification of 1994 edition, 2000 edition and 2008 edition, forming the current iso9001:2008 series standard. The 2008 ISO9000 family standard includes the following set of closely related core standards of quality management system:

-ISO9000 quality management system foundation and terminology

-ISO9001 quality management system requirements

-ISO9004 quality management method for continuous success in pursuit of organization

-ISO19011 guidelines for quality and/or environmental management system audits

ISO9000 family standard is a scientific summary of the practice experience of quality management in many economic developed countries in the world, and it is applicable to organizations of various types, different scales and different products.

The enterprise gained ISO9001 benefit

The external benefit

Ø improve the quality of enterprise products and services

Ø improve market competition ability and enhance the corporate image

Ø enhance the ability of improving in pursuit of continued customer satisfaction

Ø enhance customer to enterprise's trust

Ø enhance user confidence in enterprise products

Internal efficiency

Ø improve operational efficiency and survivability Ø for other management system based on the implementation of the management

Improve its own management level Ø managers timely to understand the status of the management system operation

Ø nip in the bud for quality problem Ø timely grasp the customer response to the product

Ø reduce mistakes and rework Ø let the full participation of quality management, to cultivate the "to the customer for this" consciousness

Ø cost reduction Ø high quality product is produced, rather than "test"

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