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PSE MarkJapan's electrical products market is very large, and Japanese consumers also attach great importance to the safety of electrical products. From April 1, 2001, the Japanese "Electrical Supplies Banning Act" was officially renamed to the "Electrical Supplies Safety Law", unified use of the PSE mark, and strengthened the punishment measures for importers.

PSE (Product Safety of Electrical Appliance & Materials)certification ( mean Conformity assessment for the product in Japan), which is the compulsory market access system for electrical products, is one of the important content guided of Japanese. At present, there is two types for the electrical products “Specific electrical appliance” and “Non-specific electrical appliance”. And 115 kinds of products are belongs to the “Specific electrical appliance”, 339 kinds of products are “Non-specific electrical appliance”. EMC and Safety are required for PSE mark. Our company will assist our customers to make judgments on the certification requirements related to their electrical products.

If the products under Specific electrical appliance” catalogue would like to come into Japan marketing, it have to get the approval for the third party’s certification body, which authorized by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). Our company have a good relationship with the PSE certification organization JET, we have obtained the PSE certificates for many clients efficiently. The PSE mark logo as follow:


Products belonging to the "non-specific electrical appliances" catalogue, entering the Japanese market, must undergo self-test and self-declaration, confirm the products are full filled with the Japanese electrical equipment , and stick a round PSE logo on the label. Our company can test and issue the round PSE mark, our professional team will provide you with quality, affordable and efficient services. Welcome customers to come to us for consultation and applying the PSE mark.

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