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Standard Organization of Nigeria, abbreviated as SON, The Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) is the government agency responsible for setting and enforcing quality standards for imported and domestically manufactured goods. o ensure that the controlled product complies with the national technical standards or other international standards that have been approved for implementation, and to protect Nigerian consumers from unsafe or substandard products, Standard Organization of Nigeria decided to implement pre-shipment conformity assessment programme for regulated products exported to the country, abbviated as SONCAP.

Guagzhou Certitek Testing Services Co. ,Ltd. in cooperation with the authorized certification authority of Standard Organization of Nigeria, carries out SONCAP certification business worldwide.

SONCAP requires shipments to meet the Nigeria Industrial Standards (NIS) and/or other approved international Standards. ll products except the following are in the SONCAP Control Catalog:

1) Food

2) Drugs

3) Medical supplies (except medical equipment and machines)

4) Chemicals used as raw materials

5) Military goods and equipment

6) Prohibited goods regulated by the Federal Government of Nigeria

7) Used products (except used cars)


1. three modes of apply for SONCAP certification


Mode A: For unregistered or unlicensed products

Each batch of shipped products must be inspected, tested, supervised and sealed, and finally issued a CoC certificate. The Unregistered Status Product Certificate (PC1) is only valid for the requested shipment batch and is valid for 6 months. During the process, non-conformity Report (NCR) will be issued if the test and/or inspection do not conform.


Mode B: For registered products

Product registration is through product type testing and evaluation of the manufacturer's quality management system to ensure that the product meets relevant standards and that the manufacturer has the necessary capabilities to continuously produce products of the same quality level. The registration status product certificate (PC2) is valid for 1 year; For registered products, at least 40% of shipment batches will be sampled and inspected quarterly. During the process, non-conformity Report (NCR) will be issued if the test and/or inspection do not conform.


Mode C: For licensed products

Product licensing is based on a detailed assessment of the product, including testing, factory inspection and periodic monitoring. A license will be granted if the product complies with the relevant Nigerian standards or its equivalent. Product licenses are only available to manufacturersof product and not to exporters/suppliers. The License Status Product Certificate (PC3) is valid for 1 year; for licensed products, at least 1 batch will be verified for pre-shipment every 6 months. During the process, non-conformity Report (NCR) will be issued if the test and/or inspection do not conform.

2: SONCAP Certification Mark

3. Documents Required for SONCAP Certification


(1 ) Documents of apply for PC

PC application form and test report (if there is no test report, samples should be sent to our company for testing and test report will be issued by us);

  2) If factory inspection is required, the customer needs to provide the files required for the inspection, including the organization chart, the factory ISO quality system certification certificate, the equipment list, the calibration plan, the calibration report of the inspection equipment, the production supply flow chart of the shipped product, 100 % test work instructions, etc.


(2) Documents of apply for CoC

1) FORM scanning copy, COC application FORM, packing list, invoice, bill of lading (if any), PC authorization letter (if any), declaration letter (if any)


4. Our Advantage

1)    Certitek has worked closely with Nigerian licensing authorities for many years, familiar with SONCAP certification requirements and procedures, can provide customers with a reasonable certification schemes and obtain PC certificate and COC certificate simply and quickly;

2)    Certitek, ISO 17025 system certified lab, It can test products and issue test reports. and provide rectification plans for test products, effectively shorten the certification cycle and ensure SONCAP certification to proceed smoothly.


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