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 The body in charge of electrical and electronic product safety certification in Brazil is the national institute of measurement standards and industrial quality (INMETRO).Its compulsory certification name is INMETRO certification. Initially, the certification did not include household appliances. However, with the increase in imports of household appliances, the Brazilian government issued a new notice in late 2009 and early 2010, stipulating that a variety of household appliances, including hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, electric blanket, water heater, lampblack machine, clothes dryer, etc. should be added to the compulsory certification directory. Since July 2012, all products in the catalog have entered the Brazilian market, and the INMETRO certification is required.

   INMETRO certification adopts the fifth certification type, product type test + factory inspection + Product Quality Supervision after receipt of certificates.INMETRO certification in Brazil is divided into product certification, service certification, program certification, compulsory product performance verification, supplier product compulsory statement, compulsory service performance verification, product label, product inspection, service inspection, certification personnel and management system certification. All kinds of certification are compulsory and voluntary. In the scope of the compulsory certification must be accompanied by a mandatory INMETRO logo and the logo of a third party approved by INMETRO before they can enter the Brazilian market.


The Scope of product certification

In the product certification of INMETRO certification:

 Compulsory products include: wires and cables, plugs, sockets, adaptors, fixed device switches, circuit breakers, fuses, electronic ballasts, fluorescent lamps, toys, baby pacifiers, etc.

  Voluntary products include: low voltage electrical equipment, household appliances, consumer electronics (audio and video products), information technology equipment and lighting (except fluorescent lamps), etc. The application procedure for voluntary certification is slightly different from that for Compulsory certification, which does not require on-site inspection and is more convenient and flexible. Voluntary certification may not be applied until the INMETRO accreditation laboratory has completed its testing.


Test process

1) communicate and confirm the application at the early stage of the project

2) sample sending test

3) test and issue the test report

4) arrange the factory inspection

5) assist to submit test report and audit report to the certification authority

6) the certificate shall be issued after the approval of the data

INMETRO certification mark

The INMETRO logo can be used after the compulsory product has been certified by INMETRO Brazil and obtained the INMETRO certificate, which must be printed directly on the product packaging or product label together with the issuing agency.


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