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Single-phase rated AC power supply voltage or DC power supply voltage should not exceed 250V, non-single-phase power supply voltage should not exceed 433V audio, video and similar electronic equipment.


1.   The specific products are as follows 

1)      Sound and/or image receiving device and amplifier;

2)      Independent load sensor and source sensor;

3)      A power adapter intended to supply power to other equipment within the scope of this standard;

4)      Electronic musical instruments and electronic aids for use with electronic or non-electronic musical instruments, such as beat generators, tone generators, music tuners and the like;

5)      Teaching equipment for audio and / or video;

6)      Video projector (Note: movie projector, slide projector, hanging projector is suitable for household appliances standard);

7)      Video camera and video monitor;

8)      Video game consoles and lifting device game consoles (Note: Commercial video and lifting device game consoles are suitable for use in home appliance standards);

9)      Coin-operated jukebox;

10)   Electronic scoring machine (Note: Commercial scoring machine is suitable for household appliance standards

11)   Telegraph equipment;        

12)   Record player and CD player;        

13)   Tape recorders and disc recorders;       

14)   Antenna signal converter and amplifier;       

15)   Antenna locator;        

16)   Civilian band wireless devices;        

17)   Imaging equipment;        

18)   Photoelectric effect equipment;         

19)   Equipment for the alarm system;         

20)   Intercommunication equipment using a low voltage grid as a transmission medium;

21)   Cable front-end receiver;        

22)   Multimedia devices (Note: This type of device is also applicable to IT standards)

23)   Professional general purpose amplifier, jukebox fire CD player, tape recorder, video recorder and cable broadcast amplification system;        

24)   Professional audio/video system;        

25)   Electronic flashing equipment for photography.


2. Applicable Standards

GB 8898; IEC/EN 60065

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