Introduction to the update of CQC standards and international certification for daily use tubular electric heating elements
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Daily use tubular electric heating elements | CQC standard update

JB/T 4088.1-2022 "Tubular Electric Heating Elements for Daily Use - Part 1: General Requirements" was implemented on April 1, 2023. The China Quality Certification Center has revised the certification rule "CQC11-448311-2012 Safety Certification Rules for Daily Use Tubular Electric Heating Elements" related to this standard, with the revised rule number being CQC11-448311-2023.

Main Revised Content of Part 1 Implementation Rules
1. The applicable standard has been changed from JB/T 4088-2012 to JB/T 4088.1-2022.
2. The validity period of the certificate has been changed from long-term validity to 5 years.
3. Update CQC flag.

Part 2 Implementation of new standard requirements
1. Starting from June 15, 2023, CQC will implement certification using new standards and issue new standard certification certificates.
2. For products that have been certified according to the old standard, the holder of the old standard certification certificate should submit an application for converting the new standard certification certificate to CQC from the date of notification to June 15, 2024, and accept laboratory testing for differences between the new and old versions of the standard. After passing the testing, a new version of the standard certification certificate should be issued. All conversion of old standard certification certificates should be completed by June 16, 2024 at the latest; For those who fail to complete the deadline, CQC will suspend the old standard certification certificate; CQC will revoke the old standard certification certificate for certification certificates that have not been converted after September 15, 2024.

Part 3 Differences between New and Old Standards
1. The rated power limit of a single tube has been increased from 6000W to 9000W;
2. Added reference standard JB/T 12719-2016 "Accelerated Life Test Method for Daily Tubular Electric Heating Elements"
3. Added metal heating medium, refined the category and judgment method of heating medium;
4. The leakage current limit has been subdivided for components with different levels of electric shock protection, and the requirements for the leakage current limit have been changed;
5. Added section on insulation resistance;
6. Add the minimum length requirement for the outer diameter of some pipes, with the added requirement in the red box;
7. Change the working life from 3000h to the manufacturer's declared usage time;
8. Revised immersion time and leakage current limits, and added insulation resistance requirements;

Please consult our engineers for other specific differences

Introduction to International Certification for Daily Tubular Electric Heating Elements

Test items:

Appearance, structure, leakage current, electrical strength, overload capacity, tube temperature, working life, etc.

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