Inspection requirements for power cord plug PSE equipment and common product testing defects
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PSE Factory Audit Content

Equipment inspection of power cord manufacturers is a very important part of PSE certification, usually conducted during or after the product testing process. PSE auditors spend most of the day completing the following audit tasks:

(1) Does the factory's inspection equipment list meet the requirements of PSE certification regulations;

(2) Whether the performance of the testing equipment in the testing equipment list meets the requirements of PSE certification regulations;

(3) Verify the information in the Factory Inspection Questionnaire during on-site inspection;
(4) The validity period of calibration certificates for each testing equipment;

01 Equipment requirements for wire products
Whether the inspection equipment list of the factory meets the requirements of PSE certification regulations is an important content of PSE certification factory inspection. This article explains the technical requirements of 9 types of electrical equipment inspection equipment in the form of a list.

02 Equipment requirements for plugs and connectors

Some companies have failed equipment inspections due to the inability of voltage withstand testers to meet the requirements of level 1.5. When purchasing equipment, please repeatedly emphasize this requirement with the equipment supplier. In addition, when the equipment is sent to a measuring institution for calibration, special attention should also be paid to the measurement parameters, and based on the measurement parameters, it should be recalculated whether it can meet the requirements of level 1.5.

matters needing attention

In addition, in previous project operations, we have identified the following issues during product testing:
1. If the bracket for the plug is an exposed type (insulation material between two plugs), can it meet the PTI400V requirements;
2. If the bracket for the plug is an exposed type (with a circle of insulation material around the extension piece), can it meet the PTI400V requirements;
3. Pay attention to the polarity markings on the end faces of plugs and connectors;
4. Pay attention to the rated current of plug and connector products, and do not use unsuitable wires beyond the range;
5. Pay attention to the measurement position of the minimum thickness of VFF double parallel lines;
6. Pay attention to stranding requirements similar to VCTF;

We continuously explore and discover new problems during testing, and will share them with all customers in a timely manner. If you have a need for PSE certification, please feel free to contact Saida Testing at any time.

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