How to apply for CCC certification for toy products?
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With the improvement of people's living standards, toys have become an indispensable part of children's growth. However, the wide variety and uneven quality of toys in the market have caused great difficulties for parents when choosing toys. In order to ensure the safety and quality of children's toys, China has implemented a CCC certification system.

What is CCC certification? The full name of CCC certification is "China Compulsory Certification", also known as 3C certification. It is a product conformity assessment system implemented by the Chinese government in accordance with laws and regulations to protect the personal and national safety of consumers, strengthen product quality management, and implement it.

Certification scope of application
Suitable for designing or booking toys for children under 14 years old to play with.

Types of toys and certification standards

Main testing: mechanical and physical properties; Combustion performance; Migration of specific elements; Toy identification and instructions for use.

Electric toys: Toys made of any material that reqire the use of electrical energy for at least one function.
Including electric toys, video toys, sound and light toys, heat source toys, experimental toys, etc.

Plastic toy: A toy made of plastic material with a main body or playing part that does not use electrical energy.
Including static plastic toys and mobile plastic toys.

Metal toy: A toy made of metal material with a main body or playing part that is not powered by electricity.
Including static metal toys, mobile metal toys, and ejection toys made of metal materials.

Riding vehicle toys: designed or reserved for children to ride and play with.
Including toy bicycles, electric baby strollers, and other vehicle toys, excluding scooters.

Certification process

Certification application - type testing - conformity assessment - certificate issuance - post certification supervision.

Note 1: The above post certification supervision refers to one or a combination of three methods: tracking inspection, production site sampling for testing or inspection, and market sampling for testing or inspection after certification.

Information required for certification
1. Certification application form
2. Business License
(Applicant, manufacturer, and manufacturer)
3. Processing Cooperation Agreement
(Applicable to ABB/OEM/ODM mode)
4. Product physical color images;
5. Product Description
6. Factory Survey Form
(Applicable for new applications or factory address changes)
7. Other documents required

Sample submission requirements and certification cycle
Sample delivery requirements: Generally, the main inspection model is 3-4, and the coverage model is 1 for each.
Cycle: About 4 weeks, different product types have different cycles.
Please contact Saida Testing to confirm the specific situation.

1. With multiple replaceable battery products, the battery compartment should be marked with proportional battery shape, nominal voltage of the battery, and polarity markings.

2.If the product contains children's cosmetics, it needs to be registered with Xiaojindun.

3. The product contains transformers, which need to be labeled with corresponding electrical parameters and symbols for toy transformers.

4. Pay attention to the danger of protruding objects in the product, etc.

Factory inspection and supervision annual review

For toy product production enterprises, in principle, the first factory inspection is generally conducted within 3 months after obtaining the certificate; Conduct a 3C annual review every 6 months thereafter.

When conducting factory inspections, product testing reports are required, including reports on transferable elements and plastic bag thickness testing Etc.

The factory needs to have equipment such as torque gauges, push and pull gauges, stopwatches, calipers Etc.

The specific details will be determined based on the product situation.

More other certifications
EU CE-EN71 certification
CPC Certification in the United States
UK UKCA-BS EN71 certification
International ISO8124 certification
Canadian CCPSA/SOR certification
Australian AS/NZS/ISO8124 certification
Japan ST2016 Certification


For more certification information, we look forward to discussing it with Saida Testing.

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