British plug ASTA and Gulf Seven GCC certification
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The full name of ASTA is The Association of Short circuit Testing Authorities, established in the United Kingdom in 1938. It is an organization that provides safety certification for electrical products or component products. Currently, ASTA belongs to ITS (Tianxiang Group). The ASTA certification covers a complete set of power transmission and distribution products, including high and low voltage switchgear, transformers, bus ducts, and other components such as low-voltage circuit breakers, residual current switches, plugs, fuses, and so on.

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Today we would lke to share the ASTA certification for British plugs and the associated GCC (Gulf Seven Countries) or Singapore PSB certification. There are two common types of British plugs, which we refer to as British three plug and False three plug (ISOD):

The rated voltage of the plug is 250V
The fuse current is divided into 3A, 7A, 10A, and 13A according to the wiring specifications
ASTA certified testing standards: BS 1363-1:2016+A1:2018
The testing items include: marking, structural dimension inspection, temperature rise test, mechanical strength test, bending test, tensile torque test, material test, etc.
Usually, items that are prone to defects during the testing process include bending tests, tensile and torsion tests, and the occurrence of flying wires in the structure.

ASTA certification process and application materials
1. Submit application
ASTA application form;
Plug drawing;
BOM table;
CIG 022 form;
Material certification documents.
When applying for ASTA certification, enterprises should pay attention to the color of the plug housing, the color of the bracket, the plastic injection of the plug housing, the material of the fuse holder, glass tube fuse, and fuse cover, which will directly affect the testing fee and sample delivery requirements.
2. Product testing
3. Factory inspection - can be carried out simultaneously with product testing
4. Certificate issuance

The ASTA certification cycle for plugs is about 4 months, and the certificate is valid for a long time. After obtaining the certificate, supervision review and sampling testing are required once a year.

Based on the ASTA test report and supplementary information on the differences between SASO 2203 and SS 145 standards, companies can directly apply for Gulf Seven GCC certification and Singapore PSB certification.

ASTA and PSB certificate templates

ASTA Certificate Template

PSB Certificate Template

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