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CCC certification is called "China Compulsory Certification"(CCC). It is a product qualification assessment system implemented by the Chinese government in accordance with laws and regulations to protect consumers' personal safety and national security, strengthen product quality management.

As the national security certification (CCEE) import safety and quality licensing system (CCIB), China electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) three-in-one "CCC" authoritative certification is an advanced sign of China's quality supervision, inspection and quarantine bureau and the national accreditation administration (cnca) 's integration with the international community, which has irreplaceable importance. Implement mandatory type test and factory inspection on the products listed in the catalogue of products subject to mandatory product certification. All products listed in the compulsory product certification catalogue, without the certification certificate issued by the designated certification authority, without the certification mark as prescribed, shall not be out of the factory, sold, imported or used in other business activities.

1、CCC certification Scope

01 Electrical wires and cables

02 Switches for circuits, Installation protective and connection devices

03 Low-voltage electrical apparatus

04 Small power motors

05 Electric tools

06 Welding machines

 07 Household and similar electrical appliances

08 Audio and video apparatus

 09 Information technology equipment

10 Lighting apparatus

 11 Motor vehicle and safety parts

12 Motor vehicle tyres

13 Safety glasses

16 Telecommunication terminal equipment

19 Detectors for intruder system

21 Decoration materials

22 Toys

2. Certification process

1) Application

2) Product Testing

3) Factory Inspection

4) Evaluation and approval of certification results

5) Supervision after obtaining certification

3. Certitek’s Service Scope

1)  China Compulsory Certification"(CCC)

2)  Cnas Report for CCC Annual Inspection.

3)  China energy conservation certification, energy efficiency labeling

4)  Regular and free CCC counseling and consultation seminar

5)  Tutoring for Annual supervision review

4Our Advantage

1) one of the first batch of testing and certification service institutions to obtain the official authorization of CQC.

2)certitek focusing on China's CCC certificaiton and inspection since 2006, we has our own CNAS accredited laboratory, a number of domestic certification authority experts, professional product rectification, countermeasures service team, and a team of experienced factory inspection and counselling experts. Make sure your products pass the CCC certification and guarantee your products' entry into the domestic market.

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