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Relevant requirements for affixing the CE mark
Date:2021/10/27  Clicks:1307
1. "CE" mark is everywhere
All products involved in the new method directive must be affixed with the "CE" mark before being put on the market. The "CE" mark is not intended to achieve a certain commercial purpose, nor is it a mark of origin. It is defined as a law in the law of the European Union Qualified mark. All new products must be affixed with the "CE" mark before being put on the market (regardless of whether the product is produced in a member country or produced in another country). In addition, all used products imported from other countries and all products that have undergone major modifications (which can be regarded as new products) are required to be affixed with the "CE" mark before they go on the market.

2. The "CE" mark must be affixed in a prominent position
The "CE" mark must be posted by the manufacturer or a designated representative based in the European Union. The manufacturer (in the EU or from outside the EU) is the ultimate person responsible for making the product comply with the basic requirements of the directive. The manufacturer can also appoint a full representative in the EU, and the person responsible for putting the product on the market shall bear the responsibility of the manufacturer. In principle, in order to ensure that the product meets all the requirements of the relevant directives, all conformity assessment procedures must be completed before the "CE" mark can be affixed to the product. The work of affixing the "CE" mark is often completed after the production phase. For example, first stick the "CE" mark on the parameter plate, and then stick the "CE" mark on the product after the direct inspection. However, if the "CE" mark is affixed by stamping or casting methods to form an integral part of the product or part, then the mark can be affixed at any stage of the production of the product, as long as it is in the conformity assessment procedure of the entire production process Verify that the product is qualified.

The "CE" mark indicates that the product conforms to the most basic public interest involved in the directive, so it can be regarded as the basic information passed to the authorities of the member states and related groups, which requires that the "CE" mark affixed on the product must be in The prominent position, and clear and distinguishable, not easy to smear. Under normal circumstances, the "CE" mark is affixed to the product or its parameter label. If the "CE" mark cannot be directly affixed to the product, it can also be affixed to the product packaging or product attached documents, but it is necessary to prove that the "CE" mark "The reason why the mark cannot be affixed to the product, such as certain explosive items, or due to certain technical and economic constraints, or because it cannot be guaranteed to meet the size requirements of the "CE" mark or the mark cannot be clearly identifiable , The requirement that it is not easy to be altered, in these cases, the "CE" mark can be affixed to the package or attached documents.

3. The minimum height of the "CE" mark shall not be less than 5mm, if it is reduced or enlarged, it should be carried out proportionally
The notified body may participate in the design and production phases or fully participate in the conformity assessment activities in both the design and production phases according to the adopted conformity assessment procedures. If the notified body participates in the conformity assessment procedure at the production stage, the number of the notified body should be placed after the "CE" mark, but according to some regulations, there may not be the number of the notified body participating in the conformity assessment after the "CE" mark. Sometimes there may be more than one designated agency involved in the conformity assessment work during the production phase. At this time, there may be more than one applicable instruction. In this case, there will be several numbers after the "CE" mark. The "CE" mark and the number of its designated agency can also be affixed in other countries. That is, if the product is a conformity assessment activity carried out by a designated agency in Europe in accordance with the requirements of the directive, the "CE" mark can be posted here. Posting by the country.

4. The "CE" mark replaces the conformity mark of each member
The "CE" mark is the only sign that indicates that the product complies with European directives (replaces all national regulations), which means that the "CE" mark should replace all signs that comply with national regulations (such as the German GS mark). Member states should incorporate the "CE" mark into their national regulations and administrative procedures. Other signs can be affixed on the product, but the following conditions must be met:

·The mark has different functions from the "CE" mark, and provides other additional value for the mark, for example, the directive does not involve environmental issues.
·Posted are legal signs that are not easy to cause confusion, such as manufacturer's protective trademarks.
·These marks must not be confused with the "CE" mark in meaning or form. 

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