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Advantages of third-party certification
Date:2021/10/27  Clicks:1269
Although the CE mark is the responsibility of the manufacturer, if the manufacturer affixes the CE mark on the product by itself, it will encounter many difficulties in market development activities, especially when product or commercial disputes occur, the consequences will be unimaginable.

All EU countries have special inspection agencies to inspect products circulating on the EU market through various channels. Once the products are found to be inconsistent with the requirements of the EU directives, the importer or manufacturer will be severely punished, and the liability for legal prosecutions can be fined. Up to tens of millions of euros. Generally, domestic enterprises rarely directly produce according to the European harmonized standards, and the specific requirements of the harmonized standards are not very clear.

Therefore, in order to reduce risks, manufacturers usually ask a third-party certification body to help test, verify the conformity of the product, and issue certification documents. In particular, the high-risk products specified in the directive must be certified by the Notified Body (NOTIFIED BODY). The advantages are:


Ensure that the products produced meet the requirements of the European harmonized standards;

Can obtain the greatest degree of trust from customers or importers;

Can obtain the trust of market supervision agencies to the greatest extent, so as to reduce the risk of being found not to meet the safety and health requirements;

Effectively prevent the emergence of various accusations, such as accusations by consumer associations or similar protection groups and accusations made by peers out of competition considerations, and provide favorable corroboration in the face of litigation. 

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