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How to use the CE mark when a product is covered by multiple directives at the same time?
Date:2021/10/27  Clicks:1265
When a product is covered by multiple directives at the same time, the product can only be affixed with the CE mark after all complying with the requirements of the relevant directives. For example: if only a safety inspection (low voltage test) is performed on an energy-saving lamp, it does not constitute a sufficient condition for the use of the CE mark. The CE mark can only be applied after the low voltage directive and the electromagnetic compatibility directive are met at the same time.

CE certification compliance procedures
1. The manufacturer's relevant laboratory (hereinafter referred to as the laboratory) submits an oral or written preliminary application.
2. The applicant fills in the CE-marking application form, and sends the application form, product manual and technical documents to the laboratory (if necessary, the applicant company is required to provide a prototype).
3. The laboratory determines the inspection standards and inspection items and quotes them.
4. The applicant confirms the quotation and sends the samples and relevant technical documents to the laboratory.
5. The applicant provides technical documents.
6. The laboratory issues a charge notice to the applicant, and the applicant pays the certification fee according to the charge notice.
7. The laboratory conducts product testing and reviews technical documents.
8. The review of technical documents includes:
   a. Whether the documents are complete.
   b. Whether the document is written in the official language of the European Community (English, German or French).
9. If the technical documents are incomplete or the specified language is not used, the laboratory will notify the applicant to improve.
10. If the test fails, the laboratory will promptly notify the applicant and allow the applicant to improve the product. So, until the test is qualified. The applicant should make changes to the technical data in the original application to reflect the actual situation after the change.
11. For the rectification costs involved in Articles 9 and 10 on this page, the laboratory will issue a supplementary fee notice to the applicant.
12. The applicant shall pay the rectification fee according to the supplementary fee notice.
13. The laboratory provides the applicant with a test report or technical file (TCF), as well as a CE certificate of conformity (COC), and a CE mark.
14. The applicant signs the CE guarantee self-declaration and attaches the CE mark on the product. 

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