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CE and EU Directives
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The EU has implemented a system to protect the health of consumers and workers, the state of goods and the environment. Under this new system, the European Union and some European Free Trade Association countries have formulated the CE Directive. To ensure that products meet safety and quality standards.

Through the harmonized standards, countries apply uniform evaluation procedures and acceptance conditions, thus reducing repeated testing and individual submissions for review by each country.

The European Union/European Community and the European Free Trade Association jointly established the European Economic Area in 1994, which is the largest economic area in the world. Participating countries include Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, and Italy. , Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

conform to 
Products must comply with applicable EC directives, otherwise they will be excluded from this market. The EC Directive provides necessary health and safety requirements, and establishes procedures for evaluating product compliance. These procedures are different from product to product and from directive to directive.

CE marked
The CE mark is the manufacturer's conformity mark, indicating compliance with all current directives. For most products sold to the EU, the use of CE marking and the declaration of product conformity are mandatory statutory provisions. With this conformity mark, products can be freely circulated in member countries. The CE mark must be marked on the product device or displayed on the packaging. However, this CE marking does not exempt national law enforcement agencies from taking actions for products that do not comply with the label.

How to mark CE
# Decide the applicable instructions
# Decide on applicable harmonization standards and necessary

health and safety requirements

# If the instruction requires or has actual needs, a verification agency must be seected.

# Determine the appropriate compliance model and evaluate it.
# Incorporate instruction requirements into design considerations
# Collect technical documents
# Prepare the declaration of conformity

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