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Basic information required for CE certification​
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Basic information required for CE certification

1. Customer application form (English: product name, model, applicant/manufacturer address).

2. Product model and detailed technical parameters
3. Detailed pictures of parts and overall structure
4. Electrical schematic diagram (electrical products)

5. Mechanical assembly drawings and key parts drawings
6. Nameplate (font, CE symbol).
7. Product manual, installation and maintenance (English version).
8. Parts list (product name, manufacturer).

Legal procedures for using the CE mark

The manufacturer can follow the main steps below:
1. According to the directive's requirements on which conformity assessment mode should be used to use the CE mark, the principles of conformity assessment and the 93/465/EEC Council Directive, the appropriate mode is seected from the eight certification modes.

2. After taking self-assessment or applying for third-party assessment or compulsory application for EC notification procedure to accredit the certification body according to the requirements of the directive, compile the manufacturer’s self-assessment conformity statement and/or the CE certificate of the accredited certification body, which can be used or permitted. A prerequisite for CE marking.

3. After passing the conformity assessment of the prescribed mode according to the relevant directives, the manufacturer will make or attach the CE mark and the additional information stipulated by the relevant directives.

4. Relevant directives stipulate that the CE mark should be attached to the position of the accredited certification body and the identification number of the accredited certification body should be appended by the accredited certification body performing the conformity assessment, or the authorized manufacturer or its agent in the European Community should be responsible for appending. For products that are particularly dangerous, the directive stipulates that the compulsory accreditation and certification body shall conduct product sample tests and/or quality system accreditation, all of which must obtain the assessment accreditation before being allowed to use the CE mark.

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