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Frequently Asked Questions about CE Certification
Date:2021/10/27  Clicks:1225
1. Who is the recipient of the CE mark?
The recipient of the CE mark is the national regulatory authority responsible for implementing market product safety control in the European Community member states, not the customer. When a product has been marked with the CE mark, the member state’s authority responsible for sales safety supervision shall assume that it complies with the directives. It is required to be freely circulated in the European Community market.

2. Who is responsible for the correctness of the CE mark?
The manufacturer or its agent, or the importer of the EU member states must be responsible for the correctness of the CE mark.

3. Is the CE mark available for advertising?
The CE mark is designed for the official safety control of products sold in the market. It is not made for consumers, nor is it a promotional tool, so it is not suitable for advertising. However, when making your product catalog, don't forget to print the legally obtained CE mark in the catalog.

4. Who grants the CE mark?
The CE mark is not issued by any official authority, certification body or testing laboratory, but should be made and affixed by the manufacturer or its agent according to one (or a mixture) of the above eight modes.

5. Is there a standard format for the CE declaration of conformity?
The directive does not specify a fixed format, but many certification bodies have designed their own fixed format. 

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