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Explanation of CCC certificate expiration, suspension and cancellation
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In order to enable the majority of CCC certification clients (or certificate holders) to better understand the follow-up matters of certification, and have a clearer understanding of the issues that they need to pay attention to after obtaining certification, we have a clearer understanding of the expiration, suspension, and cancellation of CCC certificates and The precautions are explained.

1. The CCC certificate expires, and the matters needing attention when applying for certificate extension

The initial certification period of the CCC certificate is 5 years, and it needs to be supervised and audited every year to maintain the validity of the certificate. When the five-year validity period has passed, it can be renewed. The following details need to be paid attention to:

1. If the holder of the CCC certificate needs to renew the legal validity of the CCC certificate, it must apply for a renewal of the CCC certificate 3 natural months (60 working days) before the expiration of the CCC certificate.
2. The original CCC certificate is handed in and a new CCC certificate is reissued. If the original CCC certificate has been lost, you can fill in the application in the column of "CCC Certificate Renewal-Expired Renewal Application Form".

3. If the number of CCC certificate renewal is more than two, you can attach a page, and the same product from the same manufacturer can be filled in an application form. Charge based on the number of original certificates.

4. When renewing the certificate, in principle, no additional inspection will be carried out on the factory, and the inspection of the difference in the quality assurance ability of the factory will be arranged during the next supervision.

5. Companies outside of China can apply by mail.

6. The name of the company has been changed and can be changed together when the certificate is renewed

2. CCC certificate suspension and suspension period

1. The certification principal/related party (including producers, sellers, importers, manufacturers, the same below) violates national laws and regulations, and the results of national or provincial supervision and spot checks prove that the product is unqualified, but the certification does not need to be revoked immediately Certificate

2. The certification basis or certification implementation rules applicable to the certified product are changed or changed, and the certification principal fails to perform the change procedures as required within the specified time limit, or the product fails to meet the change requirements;

3. The supervision and inspection results prove that the certification client violates the regulations of CCC certification implementation rules (including unqualified product sampling test, unqualified factory supervision and inspection, product consistency problems, etc.) or relevant requirements of the certification body, but the certification requirements can be met through rectification of;

4. The certification principal/relevant party fails to use the certification certificate and certification mark in accordance with the regulations, and conducts investigations depending on the circumstances;

5. The certification principal/relevant party does not accept or cannot accept the supervision inspection or supervision sampling test by the relevant national department or the certification body without prior notice within the specified time limit without justifiable reasons;

6. The certification principal/relevant party does not cooperate with relevant national departments or certification bodies in taking samples from the market or sales premises for testing in accordance with the CCC certification implementation rules;

7. The information of the certification certificate (such as the name or address of the applicant/producer/manufacturer, the model or specification of the certified product, etc.) changes or there is evidence that the organization structure and quality assurance system of the manufacturer has undergone major changes, the certification is entrusted The person has not applied to the certification body for change approval or filing;

8. Due to the seasonality of production, order-to-order production, etc., the certification client applies for suspension of the certification certificate;

9. Other situations in which the certification certificate should be suspended are subject to circumstances.
Due to acceptable reasons such as seasonality of production, order-to-order production, etc., if the certification principal (certificate holder) proposes to suspend the certification certificate, the suspension period of the certification certificate is 12 months, and it must be at least one before the supervision and inspection Apply every month; if the certificate is suspended due to failure to pay the relevant fees, the certificate is suspended due to the change of the name or address of the applicant/producer/manufacturer of the certificate, or the factory relocation, the suspension period of the certificate is 12 months . If the certificate is suspended for other reasons, the certificate suspension period is 3 months.

3. CCC certificate cancellation situation

In addition to the normal use of the CCC certificate, there will be some cases where subjective or objective reasons affect the certificate to be compulsorily cancelled. The main points are summarized as follows

1. The validity period of the certification certificate has expired, and the certification client has not applied for an extension of use;

2. The certification principal (or certificate holder)/manufacturing plant ceases to produce certified products due to enterprise bankruptcy, closure, dissolution, adjustment of production structure, etc., and the certification principal voluntarily abandons maintaining the certification certificate;

3. The certified product model has been included in the catalog of products that are explicitly eliminated or prohibited from production by the state;

4. The certification principal (or certificate holder) applies for cancellation;

5. Other situations where the certification certificate should be cancelled.

So how to deal with the CCC certificate with the above problems?
After the product has obtained the CCC certificate, you can check the status of the certificate on the official website of the China Quality Certification Center. If some of the above situations occur but the company lacks professional talents to deal with this problem, you can consult our company.

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