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Introduction to CQC Type II Voluntary Certification
Date:2021/10/14  Clicks:1522
In order to deepen the reform of the quality certification system, implement the "decentralization, management and service" policy, and provide enterprises with all-round and refined services, the China Quality Certification Center (hereinafter referred to as "CQC") provides products ( Hereinafter referred to as "CCC self-declared products"), unified planning and implementation of Type II voluntary certification.

Scope of Application The "Announcement of the State Administration for Market Regulation on Adjusting and Improving Compulsory Product Certification Catalogue and Implementation Requirements" (Announcement No. 44 of 2019) is applicable to CCC self-declared products, as follows:

Certification basis
CQC12-000001-2020 Type II Voluntary Certification General Rules

Authentication mode
Product type test + initial factory inspection + supervision after certification
The basic steps of certification include:
a. Application for certification
b. Product type test
c. Initial factory inspection
d. Evaluation and approval of certification results
e. Supervision after certification

The initial factory inspection can be one of two methods: document review and on-site inspection;
After obtaining the certificate, the annual supervision and inspection shall be carried out in rotation according to on-site inspection and document review every two years. The factory inspection of vehicle safety accessories can be carried out according to the company's needs according to the consistency of production (CoP) inspection method.

Application information
1. Certification of the business license of the principal, producer, and manufacturer
2. Formal application or contract
3. Factory inspection questionnaire (when applicable)
4. Type test report (if any)
5. Compulsory product certification self-declaration enterprise self-inspection report (if any)
6. Product information (different product certification requires different product information), contact Guangzhou Saida Consulting for details

Factory inspection
Inspection content: factory quality assurance ability inspection + product consistency inspection
In principle, the document review shall be carried out based on the "Compulsory Product Certification Self-Declaration Enterprise Self-Inspection Report" provided by the enterprise or relevant materials, and on-site inspection may also be carried out.
The content of the on-site inspection is all the clauses (ie all elements) in the "Requirements for Factory Inspection for Type II Voluntary Certification".
The number of man-days for document review is 0.2-0.5 person-days, and if there is an on-site inspection, the number of person-days is 0.5-1 person-days.
Under normal circumstances, annual supervision should be arranged within 12 months after the initial factory inspection is completed or after the certificate is obtained.
After obtaining the certificate, the annual supervision and inspection shall be carried out in rotation according to on-site inspection and document review every 2 years.
According to the inspection method, the number of person-days for annual supervision on-site inspection shall not exceed 1 person/day.

The product certification certificate is valid for 10 years.
During the validity period, the validity of the certificate depends on the post-certification supervision and maintenance of the certification body.

If the validity period of the certification certificate has expired and it needs to be used continuously, the certification client shall submit a certification request before the validity period of the certification certificate expires.

Certificate template

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