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What is the CQC certification?
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1. What is the CQC certification?

CQC Certificate means "China Quality Certificate". CQC itself is the short-name of "ChinaQualityCertificationCenter".

CQC, as the authoritative body inChinafor quality certification, has conducted quality certification activities for many years; its brand is well-known in the world, and its certificate can greatly raise the image of the enterprises certified.

CQC develops voluntary product certification services called CQC Mark Certification for products which fall out of the compulsory certification catalogue to protect consumers' personal and property safety and safeguard their rights and interests; to improve the product quality of domestic enterprises and increase the product competitiveness in the international market; and also to facilitate foreign products accessing into the domestic market.

CQC pays attention to the quality of certification and improving the value of certificates for CQC Mark certification project in the whole process of development. The advanced international standards are prior to be selected as the standards for the certification; varied certification models aimed at different performance of products are developed, adopting proper approach equal to other developed countries. The large certification research group of CQC revises timely the Implementation Rules for Certification to ensure the advantage of adopting standards and the operation for the Rules. The professional group of CQC for certification ensures that the enterprises will obtain whole improvement and suggestion on producing products and quality assurance in the process through the certification.

2. How to know whether a certain product is subjected to CCC certification or CQC certification?

Here is the "First Catalogue of Products Subject to China Compulsory Certification (CCC)" in details. If your product is in this catalogue, you should contact us to apply for the CCC certification. If the product name used is different from that listed in the Catalogue, please refer to Collection of Standards for Products Subject to CCC Certification to determine whether that product is subjected to CCC certification according to relevant applicable standards.

3. CQC Mark certification includes:

CQC RoHS Certification

CQC Safe & Performance Product Certification

CQC Environmental Product Certification

CQC Furniture Products Certification

CQC Ecotypic Textile Certification

ChinaFeed Product Certification

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