"I only got a RoHS CE certification. Can the product bear the CE mark?"
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Group friends ask: Big men, I can't get CE certification for my product structure, but I got RoHS CE certification, so can I have CE mark on my product?

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Group friends answered:
No, RoHS is a mandatory standard of the European Union. CE certification is a certification system, while ROHS certification is actually a certification directive of the European Union. That is to say, CE certification has a broader scope, and ROHS is only one of them.

RoHS is marked with CE logo, and RoHS instructions have clear instructions. This lab is not good. It is only for CE.

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Expert reply:

If the "product in question" complies with all the directives in CE directive, it should be declared to comply with CE and marked with CE; On the contrary, only complying with one of these directives does not mean that the product must comply with other directives.

For example, in the single stage, when one person has enough to eat, the whole family has enough to eat, just like the directive applicable to CE is a RoHS; Later, when we got married and had children, we can't say "one person is full and the whole family is full".

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