IT/AV products Korean KC certification | new standard KC 62368-1
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Korean KC (Korea Certificate) certification of ITAV products

1 KC definition
Within the scope of KC certified products, the KC Mark Certification Products List (KC certified product list) implements the "self-regulatory (voluntary) safety confirmation system" in accordance with the provisions of the Korean Electrical Goods Safety Management Law for the safety management of electrical goods according to the degree of hazard, which is divided into two modes:
A. "Safety certification object electrical appliances" - All electronic products belonging to mandatory products must be certified by KC Mark before they can be sold in the Korean market, and they need to undergo factory review and product sampling test every year.
B. "Self-regulated (voluntary) safety confirmation object electrical appliances" - factory review is not required for every five years.
Note: KC certification is required for sales in South Korea. Only the certification mode is different. It doesn't mean you can do it or not. I hope you know.

2 Difference between compulsory certification and self-regulatory (voluntary) safety confirmation certification

3 Mandatory and voluntary KC logo style

4. ITAV equipment exported to South Korea should be certified according to product classification
A, 09 audio and video application equipment, including TV, player and other audio and video application equipment - 36 products, all belong to self-discipline certification.
B. 10 Information technology and office equipment, with a total of 22 products. Compulsory certification products include copier and power supply; Self-regulated products include monitor, video camera and other 18 products; Please contact us in time for confirmation.
PS: Compulsory safety certification requires factory inspection, and annual inspection is the same as CCC in China. Self-regulation safety certification only needs testing and evaluation, without factory review.

5 Benchmarks for unit division are as follows
A. Voltage (below 150V, 150V-480V, other conditions)
B. Rated power (under 50w/100W, 50-100w/100w-200w, etc.)
C. Impact classification of IP waterproof grade and insulation grade

6. ITAV products are exported to Korea for KC certification, main test items and standard implementation requirements
1. EMC-General standard: KN32/35, etc
2. Safety - General standards include: KC60065, KC60950, KC62368 and other corresponding standards for different types of products
3. RF wireless
4. Others

Note: KC 62368-1 is applicable to all IT/AV equipment within the control scope of KC. The original IT equipment standards K 60950-1, K 60950-22 and AV equipment standards K 60065 have been replaced by KC62368, and the mandatory implementation date is January 1, 2023.

7 Data required for KC certification
1) Application for Safety Certification (mandatory)
2) Application for Test of Self-regulatory Safety Confirmation&Declaration of Self-regulatory Safety Confirmation (Self-regulatory)
3) Catalog of parts and components directly affecting safety
4) Electrical circuit diagram
5) Detailed specification of transformer (relevant products)
6) List of insulation materials (temperature, withstand voltage characteristics or fire resistance grade, etc.)
7) Product manual (including Korean product manual)
8) Marking Label
9) Agent authorization certificate (mandatory; mandatory; self-regulatory; required when the agent applies)
10) QUESTIONAIR (only for compulsory certification)

11) Others

Expenses involved - please contact us directly for details

8 Other precautions
A. Pay special attention to the consistency when using the CB certification and report: the applicant is consistent, the product name and model are consistent, the test standard is consistent with the version of KC standard, and it is valid within 3 years;
B. Korean voltage and frequency: single-phase 110V, 220V~, three-phase 220V, 380V, 60Hz or 50/60Hz (Not applicable: 230V 50Hz or 220V 50Hz);
C. The plug and power cord corresponding to the product shall meet the requirements of Korean regulations;
D. Other requirements

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