CQC certification of wires and cables for electric vehicle charging
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The functional electric vehicle charging cable is the carrier connecting the electric vehicle and the charging pile. Its basic function is to transmit electric energy. However, with the development of charging technology, in order to better complete the charging process, it is necessary to communicate between the electric vehicle and the charging pile, and automatically control when necessary. Therefore, the charging process puts forward higher requirements for the charging cable. The charging cable not only needs to have the power transmission function, but also needs to transmit the status and information of the vehicle and power battery to the charging pile for real-time interaction, and control the charging action under necessary conditions to complete the charging process safely and reliably.

The following is a brief introduction to the CQC certification requirements for electric vehicle charging cables in the Chinese market.

1、 Applicable products
The CQC certification test standard for cables for electric vehicle charging conduction system is GB/T 33594-2017.

This standard is applicable to "charging cables (including signal or control cores) with rated voltage of AC 450/750 V and below and DC 1.0 kV and below" for conductive charging connection devices of electric vehicles.

2、 Specification range and use characteristics of cables

3、Code, model and product representation of cable

1) Conductor
The conductor shall be annealed copper conductor with metal coating or without metal coating conforming to the 5th or 6th type in GB/T 3956-2008. The conductor of signal or control wire core is allowed to be strengthened with appropriate materials.
2) Insulating material

The insulation material of signal or control wire core shall be consistent with that of main insulation wire core. See Table 2. All insulated cores (including signal or control cores) shall be twisted together. The signal or control core can be twisted into a unit and other cores, but it should not be located in the center of the core. It is allowed to use filler when stranding insulated core.

3) Sheath material

The sheath shall be extruded in a single layer, and shall be closely connected with the insulating core or shielding layer without adhesion, as shown in Table 3.

4) Product model identification

4、 Main performance test of cable

5、 Product certification
Certification type and category:
CQC certification/011033

Authentication mode:
Mode 1: product type test+initial factory inspection+supervision after certification
Mode 2: type test+supervision after certification (if necessary, carry out supervision and sampling inspection on certified products during annual supervision)
Note: Mode 2 is only applicable when the manufacturer has obtained the relevant wire and cable product certification certificate issued by CQC.

Approval mark:

Certification process:
1. Certification application
2. Type test
3. Factory review
4. Evaluation and approval of certification results
5. Supervision after certification
6. Review

Certification application data:
1. Business license
2. CQC project application form
3. PSF463426.11 Product Description of Cables for Electric Vehicle Conductive Charging System
4. Formal application form (signed by authorized signatory and affixed with official seal)
5. Factory inspection questionnaire (when applying for the first time)

Time limit for type test: 12 weeks (calculated from the receipt of samples and test costs)

Validity of certificate: validity of certificate is 3 years

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