Introduction to Multinational Certification of Intelligent Cooking Machines
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In recent years, with the improvement of consumption level and the transformation of consumption concepts, intelligent kitchen appliances have been favored by consumers and become a market trend. Intelligent frying robots are one of the representatives of "intelligent manufacturing" that has changed life. As an emerging category of kitchen appliances, automatic frying machines have gained popularity due to their advantages of "healthy and delicious", "intelligent", and "humanized". At present, intelligent vegetable fryers are not only entering the household consumption market, but also entering commercial venues, especially in some fields such as restaurants, with broad market application prospects. Today we will mainly introduce the certification requirements for commercial vegetable fryers in various countries' markets.

01  Introduction to Intelligent Cooking Machine
A vegetable fryer is an intelligent device that can achieve automated cooking processes. Adopting professional cooking program simulation technology, without the need for manual supervision, the prepared main ingredients, ingredients, and seasonings are all put into use at once. After setting the program, the oil is automatically heated and stir fried, and the temperature is automatically controlled, without the need for culinary experience. The fryer can not only achieve multifunctional functions such as automatic frying, frying, cooking, frying, exploding, braising, steaming, boiling, grilling, stewing, and pot cooking, but also make the cooking process automated and fun. With just one click of a finger, you can enjoy authentic cuisine from all over the world.

02  Introduction to Common Certification of Commercial Vegetable Frying Machines

Domestic sales of household vegetable fryers still require CCC certification;

At the same time, the fryer can also apply for certification related to CB, Rohs, FCC, EMC, COC, etc.

03  Information required for applying for certification

1. Certification application form (company information, contact information);
2. Product information (product name, model, parameters, differences between multiple models, etc.);
3. Product manual, circuit diagram, explosion diagram;
4. List of key components;
5. Product nameplate

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