BQB认证 BQB certification
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Bluetooth authentication, also known as BQB authentication. Then there is a story about the origin of this certification. First, we need to know about the Bluetooth Special Interest Group Bluetooth SIG, a company established by eight wireless communication industry giants, which is specialized in Bluetooth specification development, technology promotion and qualification certification. It was founded in 1998. Bluetooth SIG owns Bluetooth Trademarks to authorize its members to use Bluetooth wireless technology and its registered trademark free of charge, but the corresponding products must pass the Bluetooth qualification certification, that is, the so-called Bluetooth BQB certification, which means that all products with Bluetooth functions must pass the Bluetooth BQB certification, otherwise the product will be regarded as infringement by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

Bluetooth SIG currently has over 31000 member companies. It should be noted that only after being tested and certified by SIG (Special Interest Group) to comply with Bluetooth standards, can one be eligible to enter the market under the name of a Bluetooth product. In addition, BLUETOOTH, Bluetooth and other logos and logos are registered trademarks of the Bluetooth SIG organization. Products must be certified by SIG before they can be authorized to use these logos and logos, otherwise it is illegal.

Classification of BQB certification
One is finished product certification, and the other is module certification.

1. If the Bluetooth module inside your terminal product does not pass BQB certification, your product needs to be certified and tested with some proxy certification companies. After the test is successful, you need to pay and register with the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) association to purchase a DID (Declaration ID) certificate. The amount depends on whether the application company is a member or non member of the Bluetooth association, and the required fees vary.

2. If the Bluetooth module inside your terminal product has passed BQB certification, your product only needs to apply to the Bluetooth SIG Association for purchasing DID listing registration with the proxy certification company. Afterwards, the certification company will issue a new DID listing certificate to the customer for use.

In addition, BQB certification has no expiration date, as long as the product you have certified has not changed its certification module and the annual fee has been paid, it will be valid for a long time!

How to do BQB certification?

1. Register as a SIG member
2. Purchase DID
3. Judging authentication methods (two methods: qualification authentication+declaration/declaration only)
4. Bluetooth Product Qualification Certification (Starting from January 1, 2019, products applying for Bluetooth Product Qualification Certification must be version 4.2 or 5.0. Starting from January 1, 2020, column names that have completed certification in versions 4.0 and earlier cannot add new product models. Starting from July 1, 2020, column names that have completed certification in versions 4.1 and earlier cannot add new product models.)
5. Submit test evidence report and product declaration
6. List complete product information
7. Complete certification

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