Regarding GB/T 12350-2022 Standard Version Change for Small Power Motors and CQC Corresponding Version Change Deadline Requirements
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The mandatory product certification for small power motors is based on the GB/T 12350-2022 "Safety Requirements for Small Power Motors" standard, which was released on April 15, 2022 and implemented on November 1, 2022. The new standard replaces the GB/T 12350-2009 standard (hereinafter referred to as the "old version standard") from the date of implementation. The corresponding CCC certification (3C self declaration) also needs to be updated and updated. We hope that all relevant enterprise units will pay special attention.

To this end, the CQC Center has revised the CQC11-461104-2019 "Safety Certification Rules for Small Power Motors", involving product certification categories: 006015 and 006016. The requirements for implementing the new version of standards and rules for safety certification of small power motors are notified as follows:

1、Main revised content of implementation rules
1. Narrow the scope of application of the rules, and transfer the corresponding product with subcategory number 006015 to Type II certification;
2. The certification basis standard is modified to GB/T 12350-2022, and the standard GB/T 14711 is deleted;
3. The sampling for product consistency inspection has been changed from "each certification unit" to "each product category";
4. Modify the certification mark to "CQC Basic Certification Mark".

2、Implement the requirements of the new version of standards and rules
1Starting from November 1, 2022, CQC will implement certification according to the new version of the standard.
2. For products that have been certified according to the old version of the standard, the certificate holder should promptly submit an application to the CQC organization to convert the new version of the standard certification certificate. Based on the certification status of the enterprise, CQC formulates a version change plan based on the implementation rules and the differences between the new and old versions of the standard (see attachment), conducts additional difference tests, and issues a new version of the standard certification certificate after passing the CQC evaluation.
For the original 006015 certificate, a certificate conversion and standard version change application should be submitted according to the 107402 category, and the version change requirements for the 107402 category certificate should be followed. (See the Notice on the Revision of the Standard GB/T 12350 for Type II Voluntary Certification).
For the 006016 type certificate, the product confirmation and certificate replacement of the new version of the standard should be completed by November 1, 2023. The CQC center will suspend the certification certificate that has not been converted within the deadline; The CQC center will revoke the old standard certification certificate that has not been converted after February 1, 2024.
3. After obtaining the certificate, the supervision and inspection shall be conducted based on the standard version listed in the valid certificate.

3、technological process
Submission of application+standard version change involves supplementary testing. In principle, one maximum and one minimum power sample should be sent for testing, and a new certificate should be reviewed and issued (mandatory 3C self declaration certificate and CQC voluntary mark certificate are the same process)

4、Cost and Period

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