Export of household appliances to Saudi Arabia with GCC certification and SABER certification
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According to the requirements of the GCC Standards Organization (GSO), all regulated products must be labeled with GCC labels, and these specific GCC labeled products can be more conveniently circulated and traded among GCC members. According to the regulations of the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO), household appliances are products under control and must be registered on the SABER platform to obtain a Product Certificate (PC) and Batch SC (Shipment Certificate) certificate in order to enter the Saudi market. Below, we will introduce how to apply for GCC certification and SABER certification for household appliances.

Scope of GCC controlled products for household appliances
1. Household electric fan
2. Microwave oven
3. Refrigerators/freezers and other household refrigeration equipment, with a capacity not exceeding 30 cubic feet
4. Other furnaces; Electric cooker, electric heating plate, heating ring, barbecue stove and toaster
5. Centrifugal clothes dryer/washing machine, including washing and drying dual purpose washing machine, with a laundry capacity not exceeding 12 kilograms
6. Electric fast water heaters, storage water heaters, immersion liquid heaters
7. Food grinder and mixer/fruit or vegetable juicer
8. Electric iron
9. Household toaster
10. Electric hairdressers and hand dryers
11. Air conditioning
12. Household electric heating equipment

The above controlled products must first apply for GCC before applying for SABER certification.

GCC certification process
1. The manufacturer shall provide product information (instruction manual, circuit diagram, customs code), samples, and G-mark certification application form;
2. The organization conducts document review, and our company evaluates the safety and electromagnetic compatibility of products according to GCC technical regulations, determines product testing standards, and conducts testing;
3. The organization completes testing, writes and reviews reports, and registers products in the GSO database. The certification system assigns product registration numbers;
4. The institution issues a G-mark certificate and grants customers the use of the G-mark logo on the product.

GCC precautions
a) CB certificate reports and EMC certificate reports within a 3-year validity period can be used for application, and whether the institutional audit report contains national deviations and meets the requirements;
b) No factory audit required, no annual fee, G-mark certificate is valid for three years from the date of issuance;
c) The product manual needs to be bilingual in English and Arabic;

d) After obtaining the G-mark, products exported to these seven Gulf countries still need to apply for corresponding customs clearance documents;

SABER Certification Process for Home Appliance Products
1. The importer registers an account on SABER. Website:;
2. For appliances within the scope of GCC control, submit GCC certificates, and for appliances outside the control, submit IEC reports to apply for PC certificates on the SABER system;
3. Apply for SC certificate for each batch of goods during shipment.

Information required for SABER registration
--Clear images (front, back, right, left, nameplate, etc.)
--Customs Code
--Product Name/Model
--Manufacturer's name/address
--Country of Origin
--Clear picture of MADE IN CHINA on the outer box
--Test report

Testing standards for household appliances
IEC60335-1, IEC60335-2-XX, CISPR14-1, CISPR14-2, IEC61000-3-2, IEC61000-3-3, etc

Guangzhou Saida Testing Technology Co., Ltd. maintains long-term friendly cooperative relationships with institutions such as BV, NEMKO, TUV, ITS, and has rich experience in COC certification. In addition to Saudi Arabia, there are also customs clearance certificates from relevant countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Kuwait, Uganda, Gabon, etc. Enterprises are welcome to inquire by phone.

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